Friday, October 21, 2011

Road Signs: Baler

Yesterday, my father and I went to Majayjay to visit my sister. We geared up early in the morning and took my father's motorcycle (which I hope I will never get to ride again).

Along the way we passed by a number of road signs and it reminded me of our 7 hour bus ride to Baler, Aurora. Going to Baler, I have never seen so many road signs that calls out "danger."

The roads going to Baler are not straight, cemented and perfectly good roads. The roads are extremely curvaceous, bumpy and rocky. Back in April, when we made the trip, some parts of the road were unpaved.

Regardless of the danger road signs, our bus did not look like they were able to read the signs...(yes, Genesis Transport, I am referring to you)

Courtesy of BatchoyBoi

 If you've traveled to Baler before, have you noticed these signs?

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