Monday, October 17, 2011

Dinner Buffet @ Prestige Cruises

Back in July I saw a good deal from for an eat-all-you-can dinner at Prestige Cruises for 250 pesos. So I thought, this is a good deal and we have never tried cruising Manila Bay. I bought 7 vouchers in total, for my whole family plus tito and tita.

Then there goes getting a reservation, they were fully booked in August and all the weekends were taken up until the validity of the voucher (January 2012). Only Mondays-Thursdays were available, looking at my calendar October 17th (my sister's birthday) would be a good date to put the reservation. 

We got there at 4:20 pm yesterday, very early for a 6pm reservation. We waited for a while and by 5pm they were open for registration.

We waited for:

-Our turn for registration.
-The boarding time which was at 5:30pm.
-6pm, when the ship should have left.
-Delay, of 15 minutes before the ship left.
-Announcement that it was time to eat.
-Our turn to get food. 

You got to have a lot of patience but then we got our tokens for waiting in line, the wonderful Manila Bay sunset and a view of Manila Bay and Manila at night. The view was great, the smell not so great. 

The smell may frustrate you to eat but you paid for it, so just eat. Finally...


It was weird that they did not replenish the trays on the other side of the buffet table, they should have. But then, how can you actually come back to the buffet table when the cruise was almost over. Weird...I guess it's a strategy that they serve the food at the middle of the cruise and speed up when 3/4 of the people got their food.

Anyway, the chicken fillet tastes good and we got brownies for desert.

Wow - more people waiting in line.

Quick advise:

Bring your own drink - they are not checking bags when you board and you can easily slip a bottle of C2 or Nestea.

Sprite costs 75 pesos! Very costly! 

The free water tasted like tap water so if you're choosy I definitely advise bringing your own refreshment.

Was it worth the money? Sabi ni Tatay di daw maganda. Enjoy yung get together.

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