Sunday, October 16, 2011


Japi: Grabe ang hirap nito!
Jara: Akala ko ba one hour and thirty minutes?

Jara: Akala ko ba one hour and thirty minutes?
Japi: Eh iba yung daan eh.

What can I say, Columbia Trail Masters was really WTF!

Route: I am giving it, 8 WTFs! For an awesome trail. For an extremely challenging trail! The river trail was awesome, the boulders are awesome, the mud was awesome - it was great.

What was not great though was when we got lost at one part of the race. We were not exactly sure where to go.

Two trails diverged 7K of the race route,
One - going up to a mountain,
The other - on a long winding river,
Shit we thought it was the first one,
We were mistaken.
There were no markings or people,
And no more trail going up.
A man said, O - Maybe we should go down,
He went as far away from us then shouted,
"Here! We have the trail here!"

So - the thing was, the lack of markers was not fun. The lack of marshals, not so great either.

WTF MOMENT: I was climbing a boulder and I did a 4x4 to be able to go down. A marshal came close to me, I thought he was going to help me but whoa! He took a picture of me. Thank you...

The Runners: I would like to thank all the amazing runners who helped me finish the race! Awesome, awesome running spirit that you guys had shown! Really amazing! I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH!

WTF MOMENT: Around 8K of the run, I happened to pass by 3 guys.

Guy 1: Dali na, bilisan nyo na.
Guy 2: Tara, tamo naunahan na tayo ng mga bekimon. Di ako papayag na maunahan ng mga bekimon.

Tas tumakbo na ako.

Beks 1: (Kay Japi) Hoy Ate, ikaw na naman, naunahan mo na naman kami!
Japi: Okay lang yan, kuya, mauunahan nyo naman ako ulit mamaya.

1K na lang sa finish line:

Japi: O Kuya! Sabi ko naman sa inyo mauunahan nyo ako eh.
Beks 1:Kaya pa.
Japi: Kaya pa yan, kaunti na lang.

(After a while)

Japi: (Laughs) Okay lang yan una na kayo. At least nauna kayo dun sa tatlong gusto kayong maunahan. Go! Go! Go!
Beks 1: (Laugh) Oo nga. (Facing Beks 2) Dapat magpatatak tayo ng T-Shirt, "Go Beks!"

They were great! Good job guys!

RACE KIT/RAFFLE: OMG and WTF! We got our black shoe bags, trail food, 500 peso discount coupon, certificate, and drinks - that's more than what I paid for. 

The raffle prizes were awesome, we did not win but I am happy for those who did.

Hope to join another challenging Columbia Trail Run next year. Can't wait!

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