Sunday, October 23, 2011

Adidas King of the Road 2011 - Philippines

Shout out to the amazing people who joined Adidas KOTR this morning! GALING N'YO!

Kamusta takbo?

Hope everything went well for you, on the other hand I finished 2 minutes later than my previous 21K (but I just remembered in RU2, which has the same route, I finished 2H50M - SO THAT'S SOMETHING TO BE HAPPY ABOUT). My feet and knees hurt badly but I hope it will be better in a few days.

Going back to the run, the race route for 21K (if I am not mistaken) was the same as Run United 2 21K category. It was a good route (not as good as AXN though), not many uphills and downhills - hehehe. 

The race was very organize. Hydration stations offered cold mineral water and powerade. +++++ for cold drinks. There were also sponges, bananas (na hindi naman ako nakakuha) and medics available along the route. Marshals and cops were almost always available at every corner.

Shout out nga pala kay kuyang marshal na talagang sinigawan ako ng todong-todo at nilapitan pa ako dahil hindi ko s'ya marinig at km.19 - salamat sa paglapit sa akin. "Miss, right po! right, miss!" - LOL sorry bingi lang.

Akala ko hindi ko na matatapos dahil hilung-hilo na ako pero natapos ko! Yey! At may isa pa palang tumatawag sa akin na hindi ko narinig - sorry bingi lang. Salamat sa pag-iintay sa finishline, Jara at Dash.


My haul for this run...  :-) It was easy to get the finisher's kit dahil malapit sa finishline yung booth  at walang pila!

Sulit ba ang registration fee? Yup! Pero sana mas mura na next time ahehehehe at in-store registration ay available tapos makukuha mo na din yung kit.

I'm excited for next year. Congrats Adidas!

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