Monday, October 31, 2011

REVIEW: Minitube 1.5.1

When I first installed Ubuntu in my laptop, Minitube was part of the package (I think, it was there). I gave it a try, did not like it, uninstalled it. 

It wasn't until I was browsing the Ubuntu Software Center last week that I decided to reinstall it. There were a lot of reviews, thought I might as well give it another go.

  • Fast.
  • Nice GUI.
  • I love the search engine, opening screen and top right of the window.
  • Sounds are good.
  • There is not a lot of clutter on the window, you have the menu buttons, the viewing window and the search list.
  • I love that you can download the clips with just one click!
  • Downloading is fast!
  • Downloads are available in different formats. (the selection is fair enough)
  • You can change the quality of the clips. 
  • Search history :-)

  • No "Like" button. (Yes, I know that Minitube is mainly for viewing - but we'd like to give good videos a thumbs up)
  • No "Share" button upfront. (If we have the download button, why can't we have a share button?)
  • On the download screen, there is no button to clear what you have downloaded during that session. (However, downloaded clips will be deleted automatically when you close the app - but I still wanted to be able to delete it during that session.)
  • It keeps going to the next clip after the first one finishes - it's so annoying, I do not want to see the next clip!

Have you tried using Minitube before? What do you think?

Updated (11/1/11): Version 1.6 of Minitube was released on 10/9 - new feature includes sharing of videos to social network sites - I am still doing some research on how the hell I can update it. (I really am that silly!)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Where do you keep your old race bibs?

I keep my bibs at the back of my door, hanging. I use a binder ring to keep it together. 

Before, I used to keep my bibs and race maps in a binder folder, it was expensive and it takes space and lastly I don't get to see it (I can, only if I open the binder). I got this idea from a documentary called "Spirit of the Marathon." A couple had some of their bibs in a binder ring and some on a frame - I thought it was cool.

How about you, do you keep your bibs? If, where do you keep them?

Adidas King of the Road Race Results

They finally brought out the race results for 5K and 21K for the name was not on the 21K official list. :-(

I wonder if it is because I removed it halfway through the race...or maybe there is something wrong with my chip.

Oh well....

You can find the race result lists at the Adidas KOTR site.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Oneiric Ocelot: First Impression

My New Desktop

So...I finally had the guts to upgrade my Ubuntu OS.

First impression?

  • "Try it" was easy and as fast as Windows 7.
  • Liked what I saw during the "Try it" period.
  • Installation was easy! Took me 20 minutes to install the OS and wipe out Ubuntu 10.10.
  • Took hours just to download/update and install restricted repositories (that must be my connection).
  • Connecting via wi-fi is easy enough.
  • Sh** I can't find anything, everything is sooo disorganized.
  • Touch pad was not working at first (got it to work though! The power of rebooting).
  • Slow compared to 10.10
  • Unity is giving me a tough time.
  • I am not sure if I am liking the Launcher.
  • I've never used a Mac but base on simulators this is extremely Mac-ish.
  • Ubuntu Software Center is prone to freezing.
  • Slow response when you open an app. (I think I got good hardware inside this laptop, 10.10 was quick).
  • Ipod syncing is still not working. 
  • Everything freezes when I change settings using CCSM, I had to keep restarting.
  • I do like the workspaces but there is something wrong with it - can't seem to point out.
  • Not happy with the new terminal.
  • Not happy with the window menu bar, it's confusing me.
They said - first impressions don't last, ha! I hope so!

What do you think of Ubuntu 11.10?

Any advice on how I can organize my system and helpful apps?


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Adidas King of the Road 2011 - Philippines

Shout out to the amazing people who joined Adidas KOTR this morning! GALING N'YO!

Kamusta takbo?

Hope everything went well for you, on the other hand I finished 2 minutes later than my previous 21K (but I just remembered in RU2, which has the same route, I finished 2H50M - SO THAT'S SOMETHING TO BE HAPPY ABOUT). My feet and knees hurt badly but I hope it will be better in a few days.

Going back to the run, the race route for 21K (if I am not mistaken) was the same as Run United 2 21K category. It was a good route (not as good as AXN though), not many uphills and downhills - hehehe. 

The race was very organize. Hydration stations offered cold mineral water and powerade. +++++ for cold drinks. There were also sponges, bananas (na hindi naman ako nakakuha) and medics available along the route. Marshals and cops were almost always available at every corner.

Shout out nga pala kay kuyang marshal na talagang sinigawan ako ng todong-todo at nilapitan pa ako dahil hindi ko s'ya marinig at km.19 - salamat sa paglapit sa akin. "Miss, right po! right, miss!" - LOL sorry bingi lang.

Akala ko hindi ko na matatapos dahil hilung-hilo na ako pero natapos ko! Yey! At may isa pa palang tumatawag sa akin na hindi ko narinig - sorry bingi lang. Salamat sa pag-iintay sa finishline, Jara at Dash.


My haul for this run...  :-) It was easy to get the finisher's kit dahil malapit sa finishline yung booth  at walang pila!

Sulit ba ang registration fee? Yup! Pero sana mas mura na next time ahehehehe at in-store registration ay available tapos makukuha mo na din yung kit.

I'm excited for next year. Congrats Adidas!

Friday, October 21, 2011

MAJAYJAY: A Place of Many Sighs (Part 1)

Yesterday, my father and I went to visit my sister in Majayjay. It was a chance to roam around the town without going to famous waterfalls that makes Majayjay famous. 

Municipal Hall of Majayjay

Ever thought where Majayjay got its name? No? Neither do I, until...

If you get the change to visit, read this.

...I read this marker.

"Ayon sa natatala, sapagkat ang taas ng bayan ng Mahayhay ay mahigit 1,000 talampakan sa pantay dagat, at walang maayos na daan patungo dito kundi makikipot at liko-likong daang tao sa gilid ng bangin at tumatawid ng mga ilog kaya kinakailangan ng mga dayuhan na kumuha ng mga kargador ng kanilang mabibigat na kagamitan at dahil sa hirap na dinadanas ng mga kargador ay madalas masambit at taghoy nila ang mga salitang "hay, hay, hay, hay" (sigh, sigh, sigh, sigh) habang paakyat dito. Dahil sa dami ng binitawang "hay" pinangalanan ng mga Kastila ang lugar na ito na "Ma-hay-hay" (Many sigh). Ang unang pantig na "ma" ay nangangahulugan ng marami. Maraming "hay-hay" ay di naglaon ay naging "Majayjay."
Now that's a pretty impressive story.

Road Signs: Baler

Yesterday, my father and I went to Majayjay to visit my sister. We geared up early in the morning and took my father's motorcycle (which I hope I will never get to ride again).

Along the way we passed by a number of road signs and it reminded me of our 7 hour bus ride to Baler, Aurora. Going to Baler, I have never seen so many road signs that calls out "danger."

The roads going to Baler are not straight, cemented and perfectly good roads. The roads are extremely curvaceous, bumpy and rocky. Back in April, when we made the trip, some parts of the road were unpaved.

Regardless of the danger road signs, our bus did not look like they were able to read the signs...(yes, Genesis Transport, I am referring to you)

Courtesy of BatchoyBoi

 If you've traveled to Baler before, have you noticed these signs?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Ubuntu 11.10 Installation Instruction

Looks tempting and it sounds easy! Should I upgrade my Ubuntu 10.10 to 11.10? Hmnnn...

Monday, October 17, 2011


The race result is out!

OMG! I cannot believe I am the 13th female to cross the finish line for the 10K category. It may not be a PR for a 10K trail run but then again, every trail is different and this one is definitely different from the New Balance trail.

Race results can be found here.

Some of the pictures available here. I am not there thank God.

Dinner Buffet @ Prestige Cruises

Back in July I saw a good deal from for an eat-all-you-can dinner at Prestige Cruises for 250 pesos. So I thought, this is a good deal and we have never tried cruising Manila Bay. I bought 7 vouchers in total, for my whole family plus tito and tita.

Then there goes getting a reservation, they were fully booked in August and all the weekends were taken up until the validity of the voucher (January 2012). Only Mondays-Thursdays were available, looking at my calendar October 17th (my sister's birthday) would be a good date to put the reservation. 

We got there at 4:20 pm yesterday, very early for a 6pm reservation. We waited for a while and by 5pm they were open for registration.

We waited for:

-Our turn for registration.
-The boarding time which was at 5:30pm.
-6pm, when the ship should have left.
-Delay, of 15 minutes before the ship left.
-Announcement that it was time to eat.
-Our turn to get food. 

You got to have a lot of patience but then we got our tokens for waiting in line, the wonderful Manila Bay sunset and a view of Manila Bay and Manila at night. The view was great, the smell not so great. 

The smell may frustrate you to eat but you paid for it, so just eat. Finally...


It was weird that they did not replenish the trays on the other side of the buffet table, they should have. But then, how can you actually come back to the buffet table when the cruise was almost over. Weird...I guess it's a strategy that they serve the food at the middle of the cruise and speed up when 3/4 of the people got their food.

Anyway, the chicken fillet tastes good and we got brownies for desert.

Wow - more people waiting in line.

Quick advise:

Bring your own drink - they are not checking bags when you board and you can easily slip a bottle of C2 or Nestea.

Sprite costs 75 pesos! Very costly! 

The free water tasted like tap water so if you're choosy I definitely advise bringing your own refreshment.

Was it worth the money? Sabi ni Tatay di daw maganda. Enjoy yung get together.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Japi: Grabe ang hirap nito!
Jara: Akala ko ba one hour and thirty minutes?

Jara: Akala ko ba one hour and thirty minutes?
Japi: Eh iba yung daan eh.

What can I say, Columbia Trail Masters was really WTF!

Route: I am giving it, 8 WTFs! For an awesome trail. For an extremely challenging trail! The river trail was awesome, the boulders are awesome, the mud was awesome - it was great.

What was not great though was when we got lost at one part of the race. We were not exactly sure where to go.

Two trails diverged 7K of the race route,
One - going up to a mountain,
The other - on a long winding river,
Shit we thought it was the first one,
We were mistaken.
There were no markings or people,
And no more trail going up.
A man said, O - Maybe we should go down,
He went as far away from us then shouted,
"Here! We have the trail here!"

So - the thing was, the lack of markers was not fun. The lack of marshals, not so great either.

WTF MOMENT: I was climbing a boulder and I did a 4x4 to be able to go down. A marshal came close to me, I thought he was going to help me but whoa! He took a picture of me. Thank you...

The Runners: I would like to thank all the amazing runners who helped me finish the race! Awesome, awesome running spirit that you guys had shown! Really amazing! I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH!

WTF MOMENT: Around 8K of the run, I happened to pass by 3 guys.

Guy 1: Dali na, bilisan nyo na.
Guy 2: Tara, tamo naunahan na tayo ng mga bekimon. Di ako papayag na maunahan ng mga bekimon.

Tas tumakbo na ako.

Beks 1: (Kay Japi) Hoy Ate, ikaw na naman, naunahan mo na naman kami!
Japi: Okay lang yan, kuya, mauunahan nyo naman ako ulit mamaya.

1K na lang sa finish line:

Japi: O Kuya! Sabi ko naman sa inyo mauunahan nyo ako eh.
Beks 1:Kaya pa.
Japi: Kaya pa yan, kaunti na lang.

(After a while)

Japi: (Laughs) Okay lang yan una na kayo. At least nauna kayo dun sa tatlong gusto kayong maunahan. Go! Go! Go!
Beks 1: (Laugh) Oo nga. (Facing Beks 2) Dapat magpatatak tayo ng T-Shirt, "Go Beks!"

They were great! Good job guys!

RACE KIT/RAFFLE: OMG and WTF! We got our black shoe bags, trail food, 500 peso discount coupon, certificate, and drinks - that's more than what I paid for. 

The raffle prizes were awesome, we did not win but I am happy for those who did.

Hope to join another challenging Columbia Trail Run next year. Can't wait!