Saturday, July 09, 2011

SCENE: Ayala Museum Elevator

Girl 1: I think the most boring part of this museum is the second floor. I don't really get abstract. Parang binahingan lang at pinunasan. I really don't get it.

Girl 2: Korek ka diyan.

I suppose artists/people should just stop making abstract paintings for her sake. :-)

My favorite part of the museum would probably be the second floor, The Luna and Amorsolo paintings were there...which were fascinating. My favorite would be the Palayan Girl (I think that's what its called)...I made a sketch of her from the brochure my sister brought home when she visited the museum (sorry, I made her look old, it's unintentional - it's the pencil's fault).

I may not know the painter Fernando Zobel but I think his abstract paintings were amazing, ang galing nyang bumahing at magpunas. Next time I visit, I would take some time and ponder on his paintings...

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