Saturday, May 21, 2011


...and it is always up to that person to decide whether to tell the world about it or keep everything to themselves.

Years ago I have read on the book Looking for Alaska by John Green the words “The Great Perhaps” by Francois Rabelais. Perhaps a wondering bird would one day fly by and smell the sweet leaves of this tree, perhaps a butterfly would flutter and circle as it savor its dampened trunk...


Four years of sunrise and sunset ago I had decided to keep a blog...out of boredom, no! perhaps inoccupation drove me. Did they not say you can earn money from having a blog? That could be one of the factors, but time proved that I cannot earn money from it.

I kept the blog for years because it was fun to do. I always wanted to be a writer and it was great fun to write. Most graciously when you are under a pseudonym.

I have read at one point, somewhere, that bloggers kept a pseudonym because they were afraid. They wanted to hide from themselves. “Themselves” would probably their cover. Having a blog enables them to speak out their minds and the people they know will not give a farth about it. How could they? The posts were written under a pseudonym. John Smith could call himself Robin Hood and say “I hate him or her, and they can both die for all I care” and no ones going to know about it, at least any one who knew him.

Had I written in that manner? Perhaps not, perhaps yes.

In the future? I am not so sure about.

But this blog was created as an experiment in writing.


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I presume you know what this blog is going to be about?

This is my great perhaps.

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