Thursday, May 26, 2011

Erasmus & I Have Something In Common


Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Unknown Runners

It's the journey that counts, not the destination”

Have you ever tried to stop running in a marathon for awhile and walk just to appreciate the beauty of the day and the effort runners made in joining a marathon?

I had a blast in running (ahem...walking) in the Greentennial Half Marathon this morning. PR set, only because I had never run a 16K before. I was untrained, walking was inevitable. I would have felt bad about it like in my other runs but I was not, I kind of enjoyed it.

There were a few people I had met on the way to the finish line, but we never introduced ourselves to each other.

UNKNOWN RUNNER NO.1 I was walking and some guy said “Miss, 3K na lang!” Damn you mister, I am not sure if you're running the 10K or whatever but from where I was walking at the time you said that, I was 8 kilometers away from the damn finish line. It worked though...

UNKNOWN RUNNER NO.2 Probably 7 or 8 kilometers from the starting line, there were 2 ladies running and I had noticed that the other lady was carrying a bag on her left shoulder and on her right hand she was holding a cigarette. Running while smoking? What a combination! Then after 500 meters they were going to strike a pose and have their picture taken when.....

UNKNOWN RUNNER NO.3 said that they were already 3 kilometers away or so from the detour for 5K runners. I very much admire this runner. Two things, she was running all the way to the finish line (just stopping on water stations to refuel) and by the time we had reached the SM office she offered water to another runner who probably sighed and said damn! I cannot see any water station near and it was a hot, sunny morning. I was just amazed of how nice she was. But I had to let her our of my sight as I was eager to finish the race and go home. On the way to another right turn I suddenly heard....

UNKNOWN RUNNER NO.4 Said “Hahalu-haluin lang yan...” to a friend who was also running with her. Were they talking about cooking in the middle of the race? At that moment I wished I was running/walking with someone but I was not.

UNKNOWN RUNNER NO.5 Rewind, at about 11 kilometers of the race, in a water station, I was going to refill my gatorade bottle that still has ¼ of gatorade in it. I just had to throw it away. From behind I was surprised someone said...”Anu ba yan..?!” – It was loud enough for me to hear and I looked back, saw two girls walking. Stopping at the water station, the two girls passed by and just had to say something, “Napaka-unsanitary naman nung water.” I looked at the big drum full of mineral water and ice. It does look unsanitary but I was thirsty and cold water was just tempting – it's better than the Maynilad water trucks on some race.

…...and like any other race, it had come to an end. I did not know who they were and will probably never know.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


...and it is always up to that person to decide whether to tell the world about it or keep everything to themselves.

Years ago I have read on the book Looking for Alaska by John Green the words “The Great Perhaps” by Francois Rabelais. Perhaps a wondering bird would one day fly by and smell the sweet leaves of this tree, perhaps a butterfly would flutter and circle as it savor its dampened trunk...


Four years of sunrise and sunset ago I had decided to keep a blog...out of boredom, no! perhaps inoccupation drove me. Did they not say you can earn money from having a blog? That could be one of the factors, but time proved that I cannot earn money from it.

I kept the blog for years because it was fun to do. I always wanted to be a writer and it was great fun to write. Most graciously when you are under a pseudonym.

I have read at one point, somewhere, that bloggers kept a pseudonym because they were afraid. They wanted to hide from themselves. “Themselves” would probably their cover. Having a blog enables them to speak out their minds and the people they know will not give a farth about it. How could they? The posts were written under a pseudonym. John Smith could call himself Robin Hood and say “I hate him or her, and they can both die for all I care” and no ones going to know about it, at least any one who knew him.

Had I written in that manner? Perhaps not, perhaps yes.

In the future? I am not so sure about.

But this blog was created as an experiment in writing.


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I presume you know what this blog is going to be about?

This is my great perhaps.